Welcome to PhiTools

PhiTools offers advanced solutions to the world of scientific research and biomedical development by acting as a service provider and developer of new technologies.

Our scientific expertise encompasses the fields of biomedical engineering, signal processing, data visualization, mining and analysis, biostatistics, psychophysiology, neurophysiology and chronobiology.

For any information, contact us at: contact@phitools.com

Scientific software tools

Our PRANA® Software Suite for human and animal psychophysiological and neurobehavioral research has taken biosignal reviewing and processing to a new level of performance by providing support for virtually any digital data formats and graphically-interfaced software for applications like PSG interpretation, sleep analysis, quantitative EEG and HRV analysis on your personal computer.

Screenshot of EEG spectral analysis software Screenshot of PSG free software Screenshot of time series analysis

Software tools for biosignal processing, polysomnography and sleep analysis, quantitative electroencephalography, automated artifact rejection and waveform detection, cardio-respiratory assessment, iterative sleep and vigilance tests, time series and statistical data analysis.

Consulting and services

Our expert group provides consulting and other services for pharmaceutical industries, clinical trial organisations, corporations and other institutions interested in up-to-date knowledge and state-of-the-art technology in the field of neurophysiology and psychophysiology.

Consulting, teaching and training for professionals in the field of sleep and alertness, their assessment and management. Services in study design and experimental planning, standardized physiological measurements and biosignal processing, polygraphic sleep/wake stage interpretation, quantitative EEG analysis, time series and statistical analysis, result interpretation and report writing.

PhiTools provides advanced software solutions and services for biosignal processing, sleep analysis, psychophysiological research and clinical trials. PhiTools, software tools and services for psychophysiology, polysmonography and chronobiology.